Author: ytsentas


Angels and Demons

What: Statue of angel vs demon Where: Coventry UK Story: I went to the graduation of a friend who was studying at Coventry University and their ceremony was at the cathedral where I took this picture.


Patient Database Management

Center for research in molecular medicine patient samples of University of Cyprus. This system works locally where it was build. Of course all patient details were removed for security reasons. [Source] [Preview]


Programme of Study Builder

This is my final year project for the University of Kent. It allows students to be able to select their own modules and create their timetable to suit them before registering the modules. Implemented using PHP and MySQL. [Source] [Preview].


Multimedia Website about Keryneia

This is my final year project in Higer Technical Institute. It is a multimedia website about an occupied by the Turkish troops city. To remeber and never forget what we had and was taken from us. No preview or source is available here because the files are very large since they contain video, audio and…


Auction System

This is an online auction system (like eBay) that lets users add items for sale and purchase items. Users are only allowed to enter bids if they have sufficient funds and when an auction has ended the money are being transfered from the buyer to the seller automatically. An extra feature supported by this auction…