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Windows Folder Lock

Have you ever needed to lock your personal folder so that no one can access is unless they know the secret password? I have personally searched for such applications many times but all solutions seem to be complex such creating partitions with encryption and so on.

Finally I had some free time and decided to create my own application to do just that; lock a folder! Below you can find some information on how to use it. This simple application is by no means considered secure and can be easily reverse engineered. Thus no explanation on how it works will be given.

The application is written in C. It should run on all versions of Windows but is only tested on Windows XP and Windows 7.

How to use:

  • Place windirlock.exe in any directory you wish to create the new locked folder.
  • First time it runs it will create a folder called “Personal” and will also request the password to be used for unlocking it. Note that this password can be set only once and can never be changed for the current working directory.
  • Once execution finishes you will notice a new folder called Personal in the current directory. You can place in there any sensitive information you want.
  • At this point, each time windirlock.exe runs it will either lock or unlock Personal folder depending in its current state.

Simple, isn’t it?


Download: Folder blue locked


Disclaimer: The author of the application is not responsible for any data loss or any other issues caused by the use of this application.


Update 21/03/2013: Version 1.1 uploaded. Offers better security.

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